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Index Furniture is a four day show that is scheduled to be held at the MMRDA Exhibition Centre in Mumbai in India. This is one of the biggest B2B events for the industry and it helps people to connect and interact with each other. This expo helps the industry to get detailed information about the sector and have a good and effective way to develop and grow. This expo will bring together all the experts and professionals of the industry who will get a platform to discuss and share their experiences and ideas related with the industry. The attendees of the show will gather good amount of information that helps them to expand their knowledge base associated with the sector and experience the latest products and services associated with the industry. Above 8000 visitors and more than 220 exhibitors will visit the show.pixalmate is exhibition stall designer and fabricator in Mumbai, Exhibition stall designer in Mumbai, Exhibition stall Designer Mumbai, exhibition stall designer Company in Mumbai, Exhibition company in Mumbai, Top Exhibition Company in Mumbai, Leading Exhibition Company in Mumbai, Exhibition in Mumbai, Exhibition 3d stall designer in Mumbai, 3d stall exhibition designer in Mumbai, 3d stall designer in Mumbai, 3d designer in Mumbai, exhibition design in Mumbai,Exhibition Company in Mumbai

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